The Dynamo system is an assistance platform and work space in the Friche la Belle de Mai centre, Marseille.



The Dynamo space


The Dynamo space

This place is specifically for the DYNAMO platform, located on the site of the Friche la Belle de Mai centre. It is a shared work space of 140 m2 that is available for people who make use of the platform.

The economic context is driving more and more young entrepreneurs to pool their resources, knowledge and know-how in order to create economic and structural gains.

Therefore the aims of providing this space to:
- to break the isolation of project leaders and organizers;
- to create a territorial dynamic initiated by the platform;
- to facilitate the social and economic development of projects.

The DYNAMO space is the workplace used for personalized assistance interviews, meetings, training courses, collective workshops as well as professional meetings of project leaders and organizers. The people who use it contribute to defining the needs and the pooled resources to be provided.

The DYNAMO space includes :
- an open-space area, for interaction, meeting and co-working, made up of a reception area, a space for interviews and meetings,and a relaxation area (for coffee and meals),
- office equipment (computers, photocopier, printer, Wi-Fi),
- the resources space,
- a training / meeting room.
An advantage of the chosen place is that it is near AMI’s offices, within the Friche la Belle de Mai centre.